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Facebook is a word that is recognized all over the world. It is a platform available in more than 70 languages and is a household name. With more than 552 million daily active users, it is a mainframe for society and a resource that many are using to schedule events.

Keeping track of your schedule is a constant struggle for most people and adding Facebook events into the mix is just another calendar for you to keep track of. Here is a step-by-step guide to make your life a little easier.

Step 1: Login into your Facebook account, go to Home and click on “Events” on the right side.

Facebook home pagefacebook events page

Step 2: Click on the bracket box in the header to drop down the options and click on “Export”

Step 3: A dialog box will open with options for you to choose from. You can add your friends birthdays or upcoming events. We will teach you how to add upcoming events but the steps will be the same for adding friends birthdays just select that options instead when you get to this point. Click on the upcoming events link.

Step 4: If you are on a Mac the Launch Application window will open, select iCal and it will open to give you the URL that you will need to copy.

(updated 10/24/12 with comment question from reader: if you are on a PC you will skip this step and instead right click on the “upcoming events” in Step 3. This will open a drop down where you will choose “copy link location”. Proceed to Step 5 and continue following directions where you will paste the link that you copied from Step 3.)

Step 5: Copy the URL from iCal and open your Google Calendar in the browser window. On the left side of your Google Calendar under other calendars is a drop down arrow, click it to drop down the options and select Add by URL.

Step 6: Insert the URL into the pop up field and click Add Calendar. Your Facebook events should show up automatically on your calendar and you have the ability to turn on and off the calendar by clicking on it in the left side under Other Calendars.

Facebook is great place for making connections and keeping in touch with people but it can feel like a whole new world to many. We hope that this has helped make managing your schedule just a little bit easier. What other tutorials would you like to see for Facebook or another social media sites?





  1. But what if I’m NOT on a Mac?

    avatar by Nathan
    • If you are on a PC right click on the “upcoming events” link in Step 3 and select “copy link location”. Then move down to Step 5 where you can paste in the copied link location that will give you the same URL as Step 4 does for Macs.

      I hope this helps you and we will be adding the revision to the blog for others to see as well!

      avatar Site Admin by SMI Admin
  2. I’ve followed all the steps which worked fine. Thanks for this.
    However, I created a new event as a test and it doesn’t appear in my calendar. Are the 2 systems not in sync? Do we have to export Facebook events to Google Calendar each time a new event is generated?

    • In my efforts I’ve found that it takes a little while for a new event to show up. It has been between a couple hours to a few days. Also, make sure if you created the event, you have also added yourself as going to the event.There hasn’t been anything I’ve found to speed up the process. If I find something Ill respond with an update to this post. I hope that it shows up soon!

      avatar Site Admin by SMI Admin
      • I’ve been using this method of syncing for some time now and I’ve concluded it just simply doesn’t work. For example, I have an event created on March 17, I accepted, and still no event was created in Gmail as of April 2. If there is any other way or a fix for this please advise. Thank you.

        avatar by Tyson
  3. This has worked for me a very long time. But since a week or two, this doesn’t work anymore. Friend’s Birthdays is syncing, but none of my other events are in my google calandar. Please help!

    avatar by Thijs
  4. When I try to do this, Google Calendar gives the error “We could not parse the calendar at the url requested”.

    avatar by Andrew
    • We have not received that error. I can do some research and see if anyone else has seen that error or try a forum.

      avatar Site Admin by SMI Admin
      • I have the same error message.

        avatar by David
      • Yes, the same error ““We could not parse the calendar at the url requested” .
        Tried it 10 times on several days. Nothing.

        avatar by teecee
        • Yeah, I have the same problem. So frustrating.

          avatar by Glo Hawks
    • When I received that error, I started over and had success. Paste the URL in another place (word document or notepad). When URL is visible there, now copy from that document and try again to paste into Google Calendar. The 2nd time it was successful for me… so far the FB calendar is established in GCalendar, however no FB events showing yet. Apparently this can take a few hours for the events to synch and transfer in… keeping fingers crossed. Good luck!!

      avatar by Lisa
  5. Thanks a lot for this man! Helped a lot! Much appreciated!

    avatar by Stefan
  6. Thanks for posting this update as Facebook had changed the way to import and this new way is a little more hidden.

  7. It works… great instructions. The friend’s birthdays and upcoming events are two distinct links to import into Google Calendar.

    avatar by JMOT
  8. What if you don’t have ical?

    avatar by der
    • Then I would open it with another application like Outlook or other calendar app. Hope this helps:)

      avatar Site Admin by SMI Admin
  9. Does anyone know how to use google calendar on FB?

    avatar by Rashid Syed
  10. I used to use an app called fbCal to synch events from just a FaceBook group I run (not my personal events etc.) to a Google calendar for that group. Doesn’t seem to work anymore – the app page has an issue with https so can’t view that either. Any other solutions? Tried but they look costly or require an iPhone etc.

    avatar by Bhagmi Knott
  11. The instructions were easy to follow and I’m certain I did it correctly but nothing shows up in my Google calendar when I show the Facebook Events Calendar. Any thoughts on settings I may have to enable to make it work?

    avatar by Jaime
    • Thank you everyone for your comments. While it worked for us, we are unable to figure out why it seems to have quit working for others. We are in the process of researching further as to what may be done to assist you. I will be back on and in touch, hopefully shortly, with assistance!

      avatar Site Admin by SMI Admin
  12. You don’t need to do anything with iCal on a Mac. Just right-click (ctrl-click) for the URL just like you would on a Windows machine, and select “Copy Link” (or whatever your browser calls it – “Copy Link Address”, “Copy Link Location”).

    It’s important to note that events you have not agreed to go to will show up. What I do is periodically review them, click on each I am definitely attending, and using the “Copy to your calendar” option to put them in my personal Google Calendar, with whatever reminders I want, if any, for that particular event, and then prevent my Android, etc., from importing the raw Facebook list from Google Calendar.

    avatar by SMcCandlish
  13. Here is my workaround in Windows 7 if anyone can’t get it working because I couldn’t:

    Go to Facebook and click the Sprocket tool icon next to the Today tab of the events page as described above. If it doesn’t show you a url, right click the “upcoming events” link in the same popup window, not the one at the header of the webpage. Then paste that url into Google calendar as described above.

    I found that because this wasn’t specified, I clicked on the “Upcoming Events” link on the webpage iteself, not the pop-up window and that did not work for me.

    avatar by Nickford
  14. I believe we may have found a solution for those of you who have had problems with syncing of Facebook events with your Google calendar. If you start with using your iOS device like an iPhone to initiate the sync, Facebook believes that it may go smoother than using your computer to initiate. See talk through that Facebook provided:

    avatar Site Admin by Admin-Chelsea
  15. So, everytime when new upcoming events is arrive, I need to re-sync again?

    avatar by Erwanda
  16. I get error “We could not parse the calendar at the url requested” . What’s wrong?

    avatar by Renginiai
  17. Hi,

    I have followed all the steps to export my FCB birthdays, but I’m facing two issues:
    1. all older birthdays are not visible. Let’s say today is 17th June, so all older than that are not in my cal.
    2. if I have more than one birthdays at one day, only one is visible.

    Any ideas please?
    Thnx, John

    avatar by John
    • In our tests and doing this here, we’ve found that events sync forward, but not in the past. If anyone has a method for getting past events to sync, please post! We’ll research the question about only having one birthday show up and see if we can find a solution for that. If you look at Google Cal in “Day” view (vs. Month, for instance), can you see more than one birthday? Sometimes the month view cuts things off for us, but the “Day” view lists all of the events.

      avatar Site Admin by Admin-Chelsea
      • Hi Chelsea,

        thank you for your feedback and effort.

        Unfortunately the calendar type (month, day … view) doesn’t make any difference. For example, I have two birthdays for 22nd June (visible in FCB events), but none is visible in GoogleCal or iPhone. I have already raised that in FCB help if there are any settings etc., but not sure if/when they reply.


        avatar by John
  18. this sync worked fine for more than 6 months. Recently google calendar is still showing fb-events I declined and not showing other events I agreed to go to.
    I started all over with the above instructions but without result so far :-(

    avatar by Griet "Margarita"
  19. Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after browsing through a few of the posts I realized it’s
    new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely delighted I stumbled upon it and I’ll be
    book-marking it and checking back often!

  20. Pulling my Hair Out! Trying to Sync Facebook Events with GCalendar.

    All FB Events are Listed as “PUBLIC”

    1) Followed All Correct Steps to Export Events from FB & Import URL/Subscribe to GCal.
    * Receive “No Parse” Issue but after a couple of attempts to reimport – FB Events Appears in Subscribe PC GCal List.
    2) SamsungS3 GCal and SPlanner show all FB Events.
    *GCal on PC shows some but not all FB Events.

    Have followed all Internet provided Options including: Clear Cache/Data, Disable/Enable, Uninstall/Reinstall, Check/Uncheck.

    Able to Export/Import into My Calendar on PC GCal via ICS/ICAL on Outlook.
    But require Auto Update feature via FB – GCal Sync.

    Some FB Events just will not show up on PC GCal. Please Help. Thanks.

    avatar by Ani Ethics
  21. An even simpler way to achieve this:

    It will show you events you have answered “Attending” or “Maybe attending”, leaving those out you haven’t answered yet or won’t attend – that way you’ll get rid of “spammy” events.

    Disclaimer: I’ve tried all the other services online to solve this problem, but they have ceased existing, or are not working well. Therefore I created this service.

    • This was an excellent solution! Thanks for the recommendation. It worked immediately!

      avatar by Christopher Michael
  22. For iPhone users, check out our App of the Week from the week of Aug. 12. It is a great way to put all of your events and calendars into one app on your iPhone.

    Read more about it:

    avatar Site Admin by Admin-Chelsea
  23. I manage a Facebook Page and am trying to sync events from that Page to Google Calendar. It seems like the instructions above are for a personal calendar and are not the same for Pages. Is there any solution to this?

    avatar by Brian
    • The above instructions are for personal profiles to be able to link to their own Google calendars. I will have to look into if there is any way to connect Company Pages to a Google calendar now but there did not used to be the feature.

      Here seems to be a solution for you to try:

      avatar Site Admin by Admin-Chelsea
      • Has there been any further developments in linking a Company Page with Google Calendar?

        avatar by Brian
        • Not that we are aware of just yet but we have asked for it numerous times. Keep checking back and we will do our best to get information out there as soon as Facebook decides to get moving on it.

          avatar Site Admin by Admin-Chelsea
  24. If we add new friends and Events in Facebook, Is it updated in Google Calender?

    avatar by Raju
  25. Thank you!!!

    avatar by Jess


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