SnapChat: The Only Lasting Image?





SnapChat is becoming increasingly popular among teenagers since the photo messaging applications was developed by four Stanford students in 2011. The concept of SnapChat was developed around sending a picture or video to your friend/friends to capture a moment in time that you wish to share with them for that instant and up to 10 seconds, then  the image/video “disappears.”

After the initial popularity of “disappearing” photos, a trend started to arise giving SnapChat the nickname of the “Sexting” App. While the photo may disappear from the app in front of you, smartphones have the capability of capturing whatever is on the screen. Pictures started to appear that were less than appropriate and were meant to be immediate images that were never to be seen again.

While SnapChat seems like a teenager’s app of choice, it brings forward a concept that all business owners should consider; nothing on the internet disappears. Someone somewhere can dig it up, so how will you handle your brand online? Will you stand by and watch the image or message of a disgruntled customer “disappear” to only reappear at some point later on, or will you take action?

The best advice that we can give you is to stay in the forefront of your customer’s experiences. Respond immediately to any online reviews and show how you will help them to solve the issue or problem, then let your loyal followers help you with the rest!

Want to know more about what the founders had to say on SnapChat – watch this interview on The Colbert Report.





  1. Earlier this month we introduced you to SnapChat which was growing in popularity and this morning, I heard on the radio while driving, about the new SnapChats Leaked website. A main point that I made in my post was that nothing ever truly disappears on the internet. This is proving that very point. Exotic and racy photos from SnapChat are being screen captured on smartphones and reposted on sites like SnapChats Leaked. People need to educate themselves, their employees and their children on how easy it is for these messages to go viral. Stop and think before you take a picture, make a comment or post online – the saying goes “Would you want to see your [photo, comment or message] on the front page of the New York Times?”

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