What is “Social Authority” – and how do I get it?





Ask geriatric care expert Deborah Dolan (advocateonaging.com) and she’ll tell you that social media has expanded her areas of influence.  Her mission of getting information and resources to families is happening beyond her dreams.  She has become an online authority for elder care…in a real, genuine and credible manner.  Social media reached audiences that, in the past, would have required much more of her effort and time three years ago.

I asked Deborah what’s next for this geriatric social authority …and she said it’s reaching the corporate market with employee training that will help decrease time away from work. We’ll follow her progress and influence in the corporate market.  In the meantime, share your stories of social authority success with us.





  1. Good Morning – I know Deborah Dolan as I worked with her in one of my former businesses in the late 80′ -early 90′s. I am thrilled that you were able to double her business. I’ve resisted using FaceBook and Twitter but I have a strong website with good rankings and a large amount of content. I also write frequently for our professional society newspaper and occasionally for http://www.inspectapedia.com. I wonder if you have low cost recommendations for our firm. We are struggling with the extended downturn in real estate sales and every customer gained is a big help.

    I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

  2. I never got a reply from you or from Deborah. I am still interested in what I might do with social media, but I have had an uptick in business and would not be able to do much until this fall.


    • Our apology that you did not receive our response. We are giving you a call right now as I believe the email we sent it not make it to you. We hope to connect soon!

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